Who gets to define what is food and what is waste?

- Christopher Shilling -

Sample Academic Publications

Soma, T. (2017). Gifting, Ridding and the Everyday Mundane: The Influence of Class and Culture in the Generation of Food Waste in Indonesia. Local Environment. 22(12): 1444- 1460. (Peer-reviewed)


Soma, T. (2017). Wasted Infrastructures: Urbanization, Distancing and Food Waste in Indonesia, Built Environment. 43(3): 431-446. (Peer-reviewed)


Soma, T. (Forthcoming- August 2018). Re-framing the food waste narrative: Analyzing Household Food Waste in Urban Indonesia, Indonesia. pp. 1-25. (Peer-reviewed)


Soma, T., & Wakefield, S. (2011). The emerging role of a food system planner: Integrating food considerations into planning. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 2(1), pp. 53-64. (Peer-reviewed)

Soma, T., & Lee, K. (2016). Moving Beyond “Farm to Table” to “Farm to Dump” Emerging Research and Theoretical Frameworks on Urban Household Food Waste in the Global South. In Levkoe, C., Brady, J., and Anderson, C (Eds.). Conversations in Food Studies. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press. pp. 243-266. 


Soma, T. (2016). Tale of the crying rice: The role of unpaid foodwork in preventing household food waste in urban Indonesia. In Sumner, J (Ed.). Learning, Food and Sustainability. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 19-34.


Soma, T. (2015). Whose ‘everyday mundane’? The influence of class and privilege in the creation of food waste. In Escajedo San Epifanio, L., and De Renobales Scheifler (Ed). Envisioning a future without food waste and food poverty: Societal Challenges. The Hague: Wageningen Academic Publishers. pp. 233-238.

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Sample Media Features

2018. Interviewed for the article, “Family of cricket farmers tries not to take their work home with them but it’s hard” in Toronto Star  by Donovan Vincent.


2017. Interviewed for the article, “Five ways to make your Christmas a little greener” in MetroNews by Genna Buck 

2017. Featured in the CBC Radio Ideas, “Confronting the 'perfect storm': How to feed the future” an expert panel with Dr. Tim Benton (Leeds, UK) and moderated by Paul Kennedy.         

2017. Featured in the article, “Récupérer Des Dizaines De Milliards Gaspillés” in La Presse+, by Rejean Boudreau.


2017. Featured in the article, “From trash to table: Why 'Band-Aid' solutions aren't enough to fight food waste” in Globe and Mail by Ann Hui. 


2017. Featured in the article, “Tammara Soma named one of the 25 finalists in research storytelling contest” in Arts & Science News by Elaine Smith. 


2017. Featured in the article, “Cutting down on wasted food” in Investment Executive by Beatrice Paez. 


2017. Featured in the article, “Let it Go: Drop the frozen food snobbery, it’s the new fresh”, in Metro News by Genna Buck.


2016. Interviewed on 1310 News Rogers Media (Ottawa) with Carol Anne Meehan. September 6th


2016. Interviewed on Food Waste in Canada on CTV’s Your Morning Show with Anne Marie Mediwake. 

2016. Interviewed for TVO’s The Agenda with Nam Kiwanuka, on “The Cost of Food Waste” Released July 18th .

2015. Interviewed for, “How your green bin is heating up the planet,” Toronto Star, (30 Nov 2015) by Raveena Aulakh. 

2014. Featured on "Five ways to reduce your food waste", Toronto Star, (24 Nov 2014) by Laura Armstrong.

2014. Interviewed for Matt Galloway’s Metro Morning CBC on food waste in Canada

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